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Retractable Insect Screens for Large Door Openings & Outdoor Rooms

This modern stylish retractable insect screen is the perfect solution for bi-fold doors over 4m wide and outdoor entertainment rooms.

Monarch Maxi screens are suitable for use on openings up to 3.0m in height and infinite width.

Monarch Maxi is an innovative solution for screening large openings such as Bi-fold doors, stacker doors, and is especially suited for installation in alfresco dining areas and outdoor rooms.

Monarch Maxi operates by coupling individual insect screen panels together using magnets that are easily operated at any point along the opening where screen panels meet. Each screen sash is custom manufactured to a maximum size of 3.0m high and up to 1.0m wide and can be supplied in any configuration allowing us to cover infinite widths.

The unique design uses pleated insect mesh technology that is operated by a wire balancing system, this makes the screen safe to operate, easy to clean and resists blow out in windy conditions.

When not in use the pleated insect mesh retracts back folding neatly into the housing. The sash can be stored at either end of the opening and is easily removed, making Monarch Maxi ideal for coastal locations.

The connection system gives increased flexibility as you can gain access to the room from any point along the opening.


  • Alfresco Rooms
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Over Sized Bi-Fold Doors
  • Corner Stacker Doors
  • Servery Windows


  • 20mm Polyester Pleat
  • Barrier Free Sill
  • Multi-Panel Stacking Construction
  • Multi-Point Entry
  • +/- 10mm Building Tolerance
  • Removable Panels for Cleaning
  • Stacks either end of the Opening
  • Stops at any position along the opening
  • Supplied Fully Manufactured ready to install

Size Range

  • Sash Height up to 3.0m High
  • Screen Width is unlimited due to the Unique Connection System
  • Sash Panel Width is Maximum 1.1m Wide

Finishes Range

    • Standard Finishes
    • Powder Coat Finish